Just because the Canon Rebel T3i is the first DSLR me and many other photographers started with it, does that mean it was the right choice?

My first experience with the Canon Rebel T3i was when I borrowed my grandfather's. The first day I kept it in auto mode and was really happy with the quality of photos. It was the camera I learned to use manual settings on. That's when I really started to have fun with it.

I really enjoyed the 55-250mm lens as I was finally able to zoom without losing quality!

First lets look at the pros:

>User Friendly

>Basic presets

>Introduction to Manual Settings

>High photo quality

>Changeable lenses

>The price

The cons:

>Not very portable compared to point and shoots

>Doesn't handle low light well

>Can only shoot 3 frames a second

It is no wonder that the Canon Rebel T3i is the most popular entry level DSLR - it really is a great camera to get started with manual mode and different lens. 

Here is an example of the quality of the t3i, 5d and I threw in the iPhone 6

Untitled photo

^ Canon T3i

Untitled photo

^ Canon 5d

Untitled photo

^ Iphone 6

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